Samosa in Franco

After a trip to the woolpack with the some of the Southwark rugby team.

One of our team took a stroll down Bermondsey street. At this point they had popped into everybody’s favourite corner shop to pick up some bits. After being failed to be inspired they grabbed a samosa and headed south down the street. At this point samosa in pocket he wondered in to Franco manco for their very first time. Being probably one of the most popular places to pick up a pizza in the catchment area. We can all agree just waiting to order a pizza to take away can take some time.

As he waited his stomach started to growl and he remembered the packaged samosa in his pocket, at this point he is standing in the middle of the restaurant. He starts stuffing his mouth with his samosa. There’s peas flying everywhere can crumbs scattering the floor. He told us that the experience was quite sobering and he started to become aware of his surroundings. Turns out most of the restaurant had noticed the mad man stuffing his face in the middle of a gourmet pizzeria.  He blushes and runs out. A bit ashamed of the whole situation.  Not to sure what I’m trying to accomplish with this post apart from an apology to Franco Manco


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